Scholarship Services: Customized Search and Application Assistance


There are myriad scholarships available throughout the country from both colleges and universities and external organizations. There are scholarship opportunities for students of almost all abilities, achievements, backgrounds and aspirations. Finding and applying for scholarships can be extremely difficult if students don't understand what each scholarship committee is looking for. Unfortunately, it's not always clear to students and their families how they can maximize their chances. This is where Scholartunities steps in to navigate the complicated scholarship map for you.

Some of the many outside scholarships and essay competitions we have helped our clients’ successfully win include the following:

  • Joe Cleres Memorial Scholarship

  • United Way Scholarship

  • Thon Beck Scholarship

  • My Private Tutor Essay Scholarship

  • Spin Life Scholarship

  • Sonn Law Group Scholarship

  • Sons of Italy Scholarship

  • Scholastic Arts and Writing Competition National Gold Medal Award\

We currently offer different levels of service for high school seniors through graduate students:


For $225, you will receive the Scholarship Guidance Package Silver. We will identify up to 10 scholarships suitable for each student based on his or her individual academic, extracurricular, and personal profile. This package includes a one-hour consult time, which will provide an overview of scholarships and a tutorial on how to apply. If you would like to purchase this service, please complete the individualized educational analysis form here.


For $450, you will receive the Scholarship Guidance Package Gold, which provides more personalized and focused support during the application process. This includes a spreadsheet with up to 10 scholarships for which the student would be a good fit based on his or her academic, extracurricular, and personal profile, assistance with the application, and a once-over proofread of scholarship essays. If you would like to purchase this service, please complete the educational analysis form here.


Please note that writing consultation beyond once-over proofreading is available for an hourly rate; see below.


Writing Services: Individualized, Personal Essay Help

This includes help with the Common Application essay, supplemental essays from particular colleges and universities, and the targeted essays often required by many scholarships.  This individualized assistance can range from a once-over proofreading to assistance brainstorming, planning, framing, guiding, and editing the essay-writing process from start to finish.

For $90/hour, you will receive individualized college and scholarship essay assistance, ranging from planning and drafting to refining, editing, and proofreading, which we can do live, in real time with the student via GoogleDocs. We provide free estimates after a consultation. If you would like to register for a writing consultation please complete the contact form here.

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